Port, Terminal & Offshore Towage

LINNHOFF towage companies URAG (founded in 1890) and L&R (founded in 1837) operate fleets of specially designed and built Voith- Schneider Propeller (VSP) tractor tugs well located in the North Sea and its adjacent waters. The modern fleets are renown for their unparalleled flexibility, and the hand-picked crews for their expertise and responsible carefulness.

URAG and L&R tugs feature high bollard pull loads and unprecedented manoeuvrability capabilities delivered in the majority by the VSP cyclodical drives which permit almost instantaneous changes of thrust direction and power, a major requisite for precision towage.

URAG’s anchor handling tugs and supply vessels conduct blue water and coastal towage operations worldwide. Wide deck spaces, ample winches, towing pins, shark jaws, and the open roller stern enable the support and towing of drilling platforms, cargo transport as well as anchor handling operations.

Accurate positioning of offshore units and jack-up platforms, drawing alongside offshore wind turbine structures as well as positioning assistance for dredging and cable laying operations is conducted by URAG’s Voith-Schneider Propeller (VSP) tractor tug fleet.